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Admin on many wikis including this one

Fave Movie(s)

The Hunger Games
Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Role models

Stefanie Scott
Olivia Holt
China Anne McClain
Coco Chanel

Fave Characters

Katniss Everdeen
Peeta Mallark
Jack from Kickin' It
Kim Crawford
Lexi Reed
Chyna Parks
Cat Valentine

Love me if you.....

love the Hunger Games

Welcome to my Profile! ♡

Hey! I'm Cici and my friend Alyssa shares this account too!

Wikia.jpgMy Wiki Friends
  • Flyna4Eva-Celeste:A close friend, admins on several wikis with me
  • Caisley4Eva-Alexis:She's my newest friend. She's really nice.
  • SpyKidRowan-Rowan:She's my friend in real life! :)
  • Flynalover-Taylor:She's my friend, and we chat a lot.
  • Prettybaby-Anna:We chat a lot and she is EPIC!
  • Livetosinger-Alexis: She's a good friend and we chat a lot.
  • Cylover-Roquel: She's awesome and we chat a lot.
  • Fox,Fox, girl-Kaitlyn:We chat and she's REALLY nice.
  • Mimi1239-Michelle: She's a cool admin and we chat sometimes.
  • Emmabobeemers-Emma-She is a really good "tool" that solves our problems.
  • JessyPop-Jess: She's cool and we chat a lot.

Add yourself if you consider.

  • We are total chic!
  • We are chat mods.
  • This account is shared by 2 people.
  • We love to cheerlead.
  • We love to shop.
  • We love to do makeovers and have parties.
  • We love to get allowance.
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