Girlygirls Wiki

The following are the rules of this wiki, if you fail to follow them you will be blocked by an Admin, and kick-banned


from a Chat Moderator.

Rules to Be Followed

Rule #1 no cussing or abusive comments,

Rule #2 Please do not post any photos that are sexual or abusive.

Rule #3 please be aproppriate to this site.

Rule #4 No using pictures uploaded by other users and claiming them as yours.

Rule #5 Only add pages that will be useful. For example, don't add a page that just tells how much you love a show, movie, etc.

Rule#6 The only language that is allowed is ENGLISH!

Rule#7 No cyber-bullying. Bullying is very rude and can hurt other user's feelings. Being rude and insulting other users counts as bullying. Harassing and threatening also falls under this category.

Rule#8 If you want to delete a page or photo, please see an admin.

If you are a admin please be on this wikia DAILY.

  • If you have questions/problems with any of these rules see:Carly101
  • If your a admin please ask the founder Carly101 to make someone a admin